Technology Services

Single Point of Responsibility

Critical healthcare delivery services demand cutting edge technology from the IT, low voltage, and specialty equipment and systems.  As you expand or develop your facility, we can help you take advantage of today’s healthcare technology trends and best practices – all while meeting your project objectives, budget, and schedule.  Our technology services include the following:

Project Management

Noveen serves as the single point of responsibility for oversight of the design and implementation of technology systems.  We coordinate all efforts with key team members including the technology designer, architect, electrical engineer, electrical contractor, construction manager, medical equipment planner, transitional planners, in-house IT, clinical personnel, and procurement teams.


The commissioning process consists of monitoring performance by testing major systems to ensure the technology systems are properly installed.

EHR Systems Implementation

Healthcare facilities are faced with aligning themselves with the federal goals of improving patient care and efficiency in delivery of healthcare. Meeting initial stages of Meaningful Use within existing hospitals and ambulatory care centers has become challenging for many providers. Noveen has extensive experience in assisting and overseeing EHR Systems Implementation.  Our expertise will help simplify an extremely complex project and expedite the process.

Taking charge of implementation of very critical and costly systems.


Prominent Healthcare Facility – Boston, MA

EHR Implementation, Project Ongoing

Noveen Consulting supplemented a prestigious East Coast hospital’s Information Systems department with their implementation of Epic EHR system.  Our expertise was utilized for project management of infrastructure requirements, hardware/device selection, medical equipment integration/interface, device mapping, and planning assistance for device deployment.  Our services were then expanded to serve in the same capacity at their sister organization, also a nationally recognized facility for healthcare excellence.

Let us help you take advantage of healthcare
technology trends.