Facility Planning

Revealing Obstacles, Options, and Opportunities

Today’s healthcare environment requires hospitals and providers to balance their missions and strategic plans with cost-effective, sustainable environments in which to deliver healthcare to its patients.  Noveen Consulting recognizes the impact this has when addressing our client’s planning needs.

Before engaging A/E teams to charge forward into project development, Noveen’s healthcare planning, design, and infrastructure management professionals augment owner’s and operator’s resources by providing a comprehensive analysis.  As a result, recommendations are made on how to best arrive at the most appropriate solutions for facility development. That advice responds as a balancing of short-term needs with long-term facility investments and operational efficiencies.

We also offer services that assist with prequalifying capital projects, scope definition, and budgeting.  Our expertise is utilized to help facility managers assemble accurate scope and budgets even at the conceptual stages of project development.  Noveen’s experience with facility planning and growth strategies brings the depth and expertise for responsive results. Once approved to proceed, our deliverables become a valuable foundation from which an A/E can rapidly develop construction documents.

The planning phase is the earliest, and often the most effective way, to control a project’s scope and cost.


Kindred Healthcare – Louisville, KY

Transitional Care and Rehabilitation Facility, Brownsboro: Completed July 2014

Noveen Consulting was challenged to create a 122 bed, Transitional Care Center in a confined space that must harmonize with the character and scale of other facilities in the suburban medical development and have presence to be visible from a key traffic intersection within the campus. Noveen developed a space program and design concept that interpreted the client’s functional program needs for both caregiving and rehabilitation within a vertically integrated facility. Using 3D and geo-referenced modeling, we were able to test the building height and mass on the actual property and ensure the client’s visibility and access goals would be achieved.

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