Energy Management

Energy Savings a Reality for Healthcare Facilities

Every hospital company, whether investor owned or not-for-profit, is faced with the challenge of reducing operating costs.  Energy, being a good portion of such cost, is a primary focus. Sustainability and stewardship of the environment also dictate the need for better planning to reduce waste and improve the bottom line.

Due to regulations and safety standards, hospitals are challenged with meeting targeted energy savings.  Equipment impacting energy usage is critical for pressurization and effective operation.  The competing capital for investments associated with clinical projects with a better and more immediate return on investment is also challenging energy initiatives.

Having worked directly for owners of healthcare companies for decades, Noveen has recognized such challenges and has implemented a unique, but practical, investment neutral approach to reduce operating costs.  We have developed and implemented a five step approach to reduce the demand-side energy costs.  These steps include qualification, deficiency identification, corrections, optimization, and maintenance.

In addition, we implement comprehensive energy plans that also address the supply-side management: establishing education programs, creating sustainability master plans, developing baselines, and tracking programs.

Reduce operating costs and be good stewards of the environment.


CoxHealth Medical Center South – Springfield, MO

New Bed Tower Addition: Project Ongoing

While commissioning the new bed tower, CoxHealth engaged Noveen to provide a road map to reduce energy consumption and cost. After conducting a comprehensive energy analysis of the buildings, we began extensive retro-commissioning of the heating and cooling systems. The operation and functionality of the chillers, boilers, and air handlers were monitored by Noveen’s staff through remote monitoring. As a result of collaborative work with Cox’s maintenance and operation team, the new tower was brought on without increasing the electrical and natural gas usage for heating and cooling the new tower. The program is being expanded to other buildings within the system.

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