‘It’s aggressive, but we’ve done it before’: NuLu Marketplace expanding, adding a 66,000 square-foot building

The NuLu Marketplace is expanding, adding another huge investment into the booming neighborhood.

Louisville Developer Mo Deljoo is opening NuLu Marketplace North, a three-story 66,000 square-foot building that will sit on a plot of land situated between Market and Main Streets.

Deljoo bought the land two years ago for $2.3 million.

“Louisville is becoming a major tourist city and we have a lot of tourists that come and stay; Louisville is a destination point,” he said. “More and more every day we feel there are so many more companies and businesses and everyone else looking at NuLu as a destination point.”

NuLu Marketplace North will be a replicate of the already existing marketplace, with restaurants, bars, and shops on the first floor and office spaces and Airbnb-style rentals on the top two floors.

Deljoo said the marketplace wants to maintain fun for everyone, balancing family-friendly spaces with nightlife venues. He said they have already approached tenants they believe will be a good fit in the new space.

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